Dec 15, 2022

ClickBack Idea

The project involves the creation of a virtual world using augmented reality technology. In this world, users use their surroundings to participate in a game where they shoot brand balloons with advertisements from companies advertising in their locations. Upon successfully shooting down the balloons, players receive CLK tokens as a reward.

ClickBack Mission

Our goal is to promote intelligent and sound digitalization, lean manufacturing (Lean), and agile development (Agile) methods in all aspects of business life. We are not limited to just developing VR and AR programs. We possess a wealth of high-technological expertise, acquired through years of experience. We aim to take you to a new realm of advertising systems, one that departs from traditional methods, allowing you to reach the widest possible segment of society in an intelligent and effective manner.


Created by a world-class team of experts in unique experience virtual and augmented reality, ClickBack brings an innovative way for advertising solutions.